Electroreduction of yttrium ions in the NaCl-KCl equimolar molten mixture

I.V. Tolstobrov, O.V. Elkin, A.V. Kovalevskiy, V.V. Chebykin


melts, yttrium, cyclic voltammetry


Yttrium ions behavior in the NaCl-KCl equimole melt in the temperature range of 973-1123 K was studied. The method of cyclic voltammetry at the inert electrode, containing 5 wt% of YCl3, in the range of potential sweep rate from 0.03 to 0.2 V/sec was used. It was proved that the cathode reaction occurs according to the scheme Y(III) + 3e = Y. The diffusion coefficients of yttrium ions were established, and the value of activation energy of the diffusion process for yttrium ions was estimated.

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