Electroreduction of tantalum oxofluoride complexes in equimolar mixture of sodium and potassium chlorides

V. S. Dolmatov, S. A. Kuznetsov


Electrochemical behavior of tantalum  monooxofluoride,  dioxofluoride and trioxofluoride complexes in the equimolar NaCl–KCl melt was studied. It was found that trioxofluo ride complexes TaO3F2– discharge at more negative potentials, than cations of alkali metals, i.e. they are electrochemical inactive in the equimolar NaCl–KCl melt.


 chloride melt, tantalum oxofluoride complexes, cyclic voltammetry, coefficients of diffusion, solubility of tantalum oxofluoride compounds