Electrochemical synthesis of the nano films of oxide tungsten bronzes thin films with tetragonal structure on platinum

A.V. Kosov, O. L. Semerikova, S. V. Vakarin, A. A. Pankratov, C. V. Plaksin, I. V. Korzun, L.A. Akashev, Yu. P. Zaykov


For the first time nanofilms of oxide tungsten bronzes (OTB) with tetragonal structure were obtained on Pt(110) substrate by electrolysis of K2WO4–Na2WO4–WO3 melt at 700 and 750°C. It was shown that the composition and morphology of deposit depended on the applied potential and the WO3 concentration in the melt. Formation regularities of tetragonal OTB films were discussed. Good thermal stability of the obtained OTB samples in the temperature range from 20 to 800°C was detected.


 electrolysis of melts, pulse potentiostatic method, oxide tungsten bronze, tetragonal structure, nanocrystals, nanofilms, scanning calorimetry