Electrochemical synthesis of iridium powder with high specific surface

Yu. P. Zaikov, A. V. Isakov, A. P. Apisarov, A. O. Nikitina


The synthesis of iridium powder in molten NaCl–KCl media at 700°C was  carried out for the first time.  The effect  of the cathode and anode current density ratio (ik/iа) on structure and morphology of iridium powder was investigated. Single-phase and polycrystalline iridium powders with specific surface up to 16.8 m2/g were obtained. The phase composition and surface texture of the obtained deposits were studied. Dependences of specific surface and dendrite size of iridium powders from ik/iа ratio were analyzed.


iridium, powder, molten salt synthesis, secondary recovering