Electrical properties of oxides LaLiyCо1 – yO3 – δ (0 ≤ y ≤ 0.10)

S. I. Vechersky, M. A. Konopelko, N. N. Batalov, B. D. Antonov,

O. G. Reznickikh, T. V. Yaroslavtseva.


The effect of the concentration of Li ions on the phase composition, electrical conductivity, and thermoelectric power synthesized by the joint crystallization of LaLiуCо1 уO3 – δ (0 ≤ у ≤ 0.1). was studied. It was found that the region of existence of the perovskite-like solid solution LaLiуCо1 уO3 – δ does not exceed y = 0.037. In the temperature range 300–1020 K, doping with lithium leads to an increase in electrical conductivity and a decrease in the positive thermoelectric power of single-phase samples, compared to LaCoO3 – δ. The results are discussed on the basis of the models of the density of electronic states in LaCoO3 – δ and La1 хSrxCоO3 – δ, proposed in the works of Senaris Rodriguez and Goodenough, as well as the theory of non-crystalline substances developed by Mott.



perovskite, lanthanum cobaltite, electrical conductivity, MCFC