Electrical conductivity of sodium borate melts containing mechanically activated additions of heavy lanthanide oxides

 S.A. Istomin, V. V. Ryabov, A. A. Khokhryakov, A. V. Ivanov, N.V. Korchemkina, A. O. Vershinin


The electrical conductivity (æ) of sodium borate melts, containing 1 wt % of mechanically activated oxides of heavy lanthanides (Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu), was measured in the range  of 950–1650 K by AC bridge method. The temperature and concentration dependences of the electrical conductivity values were defined. Lnæ dependences on temperature feedback revealed high and low temperature ranges with different activation energies. It was revealed that the electrical conductivity of the melt depends on the structures of the short order and the middle order, which is determined by the composition and temperature of mixture.


electrical conductivity, melt,  boron oxide,  sodium oxide, oxides of heavy lanthanides, mechanical activation, structure of the melt.