The dependence of amount of the lead inclusions in the Al-10wt.% Pb melt on the temperature and duration of the baseband processing melt

I.E. Ignatyev, A.V. Dolmatov, E.A. Popova, L.E. Bodrova, E.V. Ignatyeva, E.A. Pastukhov

KEYWORDS: composite material, immiscible liquids, low-frequency processing, aluminum-lead melt, microstructure.

ABSTRACT: The composite material was obtained using the low-frequency oscillation processing of the Al-10wt.% Pb melt with the properties of immiscible components in the liquid state. The effect of temperature and duration of the melts processing on the sizes of lead banding in crystallized melt was determined. The particles sizes and character of its distribution in the alloy matrix was established using metallographic method.

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