Density, viscosity, sound velocity, and electrical resistivity of the bismuth eutectic liquid melt

V. V. Filippov, D. А. Yagodin, А. V. Borisenko, К. Yu. Shunyaev, B. R. Gelchinsky


Pb–Bi eutectic melt, density, dynamic viscosity, ultrasonic velocity,  specific electrical resistivity, adiabatic and isothermal  compressibility


The temperature dependences of  density, dynamic viscosity, ultrasonic velocity, and specific resistivity of the lead–bismuth eutectic melt were investigated in a wide temperature range. An anomaly on the temperature dependence of ultrasonic velocity and resistivity was determined  at 580 K. This anomaly is associated with the formation of groups of bismuth atoms  close to  eutectic temperature. The isothermal and adiabatic com- pressibilities in a wide temperature range were determined for the first time.