Crystallization of Al-Sc-Ti alloys at low cooling rates: morphology of intermetallic particles

A.B. Shubin, E.A. Popova, P.V. Kotenkov, E.A. Pastukhov


aluminum, scandium, titanium, alloy, microstructure, intermetallic compound, cubic and tetragonal lattice, structure type


The crystallization of the ternary Al–Sc–Ti alloys containing, %: Sc – up to 1.4, Ti – up to 0.9 was investigated. The consolidation rate was ~ 1-3 degree/min. The crucibles used had the height/diameter ratio of ~ 10, that caused the significant inhomogeneity of the Sc and Ti distribution along the height of crucibles. The intermetallides with different lattice type and different particles shape – from almost spherical to the dendritic were found to be in the ingots structure. The morphology of intermetallic compounds (IMC) Al3 (Sc1-xTix) with the “nuclear—shell” structure and the metastable intermetallides with the composition that is absent in the phase diagram were studied.