Corrosional-electrochemical behavior of zirconium in molten alkali metal carbonate

Е. V. Nikitina


corrosion,  corrosion rate, corrosion potential, zirconium, zirconium dioxide, molten alkali metal carbonates, gravimetry, potentiostatic anodic polarization


 Corrosion and electrochemical characteristics of zirconium at its interaction  with molten carbonates of lithium, sodium, and potassium , containing from 1 to 5 weight percent additives in the salt phase, at  500–800°C were studied. Gravimetric, corrosion potentials techniques and the anodic polarization curves method  were used. Substances reducing corrosion losses by hardening and thickening  the oxide film (hydroxides of lithium, sodium,  and potassium) were used as   corrosion passivators. Chloride, fluoride and sulfate of sodium were applied as  corrosion stimulators (activators).