Correlation of the thermodynamic properties of substances with the Periodic law

V.P. Vasiliev, N.I. Ilyinikh, A.F. Taldarik


thermodynamical properties, semi-conductive compounds, enthalpy, entropy, Gibbs energy, heat capacity, phase, AIIIBV.


The critical analysis of thermodynamic properties (formation enthalpy, Gibbs energy, standard entropy, formation entropy, standard heat capacity) of 16 semi-conductive compounds AIIIBV in dependence on their melting temperatures and sum of components atomic numbers was carried out with the use of correlation optimization method. The obtained results can be used for evaluation of thermodynamical characteristics of quazibinary and quaziternary solid solutions based on AIIIBV compounds. The suggested correlation optimization technique can also be applied for other groups of isostructural compounds.



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