Choice of quenching temperature and its effect on structure and properties of the high strength aluminum alloy 01979

S. G. Kuptsov, A. V. Elantsev, E. A. Nikonenko, E. V. Nikitina


The differential scanning calorimetry data of the alloy 01979 obtained by granular technology are presented in this work. The optimum quenching temperature is confirmed. The fullest dissolution of the strengthening phases is occurred at this temperature. A phase com position of the high strength aluminum alloy was studied using the scanning microscopy and the X ray spectral analysis. The AlCu4, AlCr2, and MgZn2 phases and the interplanar distances of their crystal lattices were defined.


 high strength aluminum alloy, quenching, disintegration of oversaturated solid solution, X ray spectral analysis, disperse intermetallide