Bulk properties of melts of the LiCl–KF–ZrF4 system

S. F. Каtyshev, N. V. Shirokova, L. М. Теsluk


density, melt, zirconium fluoride, alkali metals halides, molar volume, components interaction


Density values of molten  LiCl–ZrF4 and  LiCl–KF–ZrF4 mixtures  were obtained for the first time using the method of  maximum pressure in the gas vial.  The research was performed in  three-component salt systems  at molar ratio of alkali metal halides equal to 1 : 3, 1 : 1, 3 : 1. Temperature dependences of density were found for all structures of melts . Molar volumes and their relative deviations from ideality of salt mixes of LiCl–ZrF4 and LiCl–KF–ZrF4 systems were calculated. Conclusions concerning structure of the studied melts from the position of modern views on  a structure of ionic liquids were made.