Journal «Melts» №1, January – February 2015

A.L. Beltyukov, S.G. Menshikova, M.G. Vasin, V.I. Ladyanov, A.Yu. Korepanov. Relaxation processes in the Al-Ni-(La/Y/Ce) liquid melts 3-16
V.G. Postovalov, I.Gh. Sattibaev, E.P. Romanov. Toward the theory of thermo-physical properies for liquid non-transition metals 17-28
V.V. Tekuchev, E.N. Sveghintsev, V.E. Awakumov, D.P. Kalinkin, I.V. Ivanova. Investigation of the absolute thermo-EMF of the transit metals in solid and liquid phases on the base of acoustic data 29-32
O.A. Chikova, V.Yu. Ilyin, V.S. Tsepelev, V.V. Vyukhin. Viscosity of high-entropy melts for Cu-Sn-Bi-Pb-Ga system 33-37
V.I. Ghuchkov, N.A. Andreev. Study of the chrome adoption process by the iron-carbon melt 38-42
E.A. Trofimov. Study of the process results occuring in the Cu-Pb-Sn-Zn-O system in conditions of the molten metallic melt existence 43-48
V.V. Smolenskiy, A.Novoselova, A.G. Osipenko, Ya.M. Lukyanova. The U/La and U/Nd separation coefficients in the Ga-In/3LiCl-2KCl molten system 49-54
A.B. Ivanov, A.A. Sobolev, V.A. Volkovich, B.D. Vasin. Electrochemical and spectro-electrochemical study of the ytterbium behavior in the molten eutectic mixture of sodium chloride and cesium chloride 56-63
L.A. Yolshina, V.B. Malkov, N.G. Molchanova. Titanium diboride coatings formation at polarization of titanium anode in chloride melt containing low amounts of boron oxide 64-75
A.V. Kaybichev, I.A. Kaybichev. Degassing the molten pure silicon in helium at low electrode current 75-80
V.P. Beskachko, O.A. Golovnya, A.E. Korenchenko. The attenuation mechanism of torsion vibrations of elastically suspended cylinder with liquid 81-87
Alphabetical index of Publication in Issues 1-6 (2014)


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