Analytical description of specific electrical conductivity of lithium halides melts and predicting it for LiAt melt

I.K. Garkushin, A.N. Trunova, A.I. Garkushin, E.S. Filatov


Results of the analytical description of specific electrical conductivity of melts in series LiHal (Hal – F, Cl, Br, J) are given at temperatures 5, 10, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 degrees as high as the melting points of halides in dependence on atomic number and ionic radius of Hal. A forecast of ϰ values (ϰ is– specific electric conductivity, ohm-1cm-1)  of LiAt melt for temperatures as high as its melting point was carried out. These results allowed describing   the ϰ temperature dependence mathematically.


 specific electrical conductivity, forecast, analytical description, molten salts, serial number of halogen, ranks of systems, temperature dependence.