Analytical description and construction of graphic border changes for the low melting properties of the multicomponent salt systems

K. Garkushin, E. I. Frolov, T. V. Gubanova, A. I. Garkushin, E. S. Filatov, A. N. Trunova


A geometric construction and analytical description of properties of low-melting eutectic compositions with increasing number of the components from 1 to n (n = 4, 5) in salt systems was discovered. It was revealed that in the case of formation of eutectic connections without graphics the incongruent melting compounds coincide in the n-component eutectic. In the case of congruent melting compounds such as properties and in mutual graphics the system eutectic has a range of values for the n-component .


melting point, specific melting enthalpy of eutectic properties, quaternary system, five-component system