Analysis of thermodynamics of mixing for solutions with self-association in the solid sphere model with overlapping

A.G. Davydov, N.K. Tkachev


chemical equilibrium in non-ideal systems, association, excluded volume, solid spheres, dimers, non ideal associated solutions.


Thermodynamical peculiarities for binary liquid solution with self-association were considered using model of solid spheres with different diameters. Dimers of A2 and B2 type with equilibrium concentration, as well as packing index at constant pressure and temperature for different ratio of diameters and bond lengths in dependence on composition of the binary liquid solution were analyzed. It was revealed that with the growth of differences in the atoms sizes the change in types of concentration dependences for enthalpy and excess enthalpy of mixing can take place. The evolution of similar dependences from positive to negative deviations from ideality at changing ratio of solid sphere diameters and overlapping degree was studied.