Analysis of the quadruple mutual system Na+, K+//F–, Br–, NO3 with the application of the innovative methodology

O. E. Morgunovа, A. S. Ukhanov, E. A. Katasonova, A. S. Trunin, K. D. Surinskiy


 the topological structure of the ternary reciprocal system K+, Na+//F, Br, NO3 was studied with the use of the automated research complex . The tree phases were built. The eutectic characteristics  of the secant  triangle NaNO3–KBr–NaF (eq. %):  84.6 NaNO3–9.1 KBr–6.3 NaF  were defined at 255.3°C.


 quadruple mutual salt system, innovative methodology, tree of phases, eutectic, modeling, differential thermal analysis, X ray phase analysis