Abrasive wear of the rhenium–nickel–cobalt and rhenium alloys at high temperatures as the protective coating crystallizer of the continuous casting machines

A. V. Nechaev, A. A. Nechaev, K. S. Shilyaeva


The results of microhardness measurement, wettability and abrasion stability at high temperature were presented. The problem of finding the optimum conditions of precipitation of rhenium-nickel alloys, and cobalt-rhenium maximum microhardness and wear resistance is solved by a method of mathematical planning experiment. Optimal electrolysis conditions were chosen based on the experimental design providing the greatest wear resistance at room temperature of the obtained coatings. Obtained under optimal electrolysis conditions, the coatings were tested .


electroplating, wettability molten steel, microhardness, abrasive wear durability under high temperatures