The NaCl–CaCl2–MgCl2 system: analysis of zero-, one- and two- dimensional concentration fields

V. I. Lutsyk, А. E. Zelenaya, E. R. Nasrulin, A. M. Zyrianov


The characteristics of 30 one-dimensional and 9 zero-dimensional concentration fields on the bounding of 22 three-dimensional concentration fields have been given by means of the computer model of the NaCl–CaCl2–MgCl2 system. The peculiarities of 12 concentration fields, which do not have individual sets of microconstituents, have been analyzed. Obtained results have been confirmed by diagrams of the material balance.


 phase diagram, NaCl–CaCl2–MgCl2 system, computer model, concentration fields, crystallization stages, microconstituents