Synergetic effect during modification by master alloys with cubic lattice of aluminides

E. A. Popova, P. V. Kotenkov, E. A. Pastukhov


Results of experiments concerning  the master alloys obtainment with two transitional metals Al-Sc- (Zr, Ti, Y), Al-Zr–(Ti, Y), Al–Ti–Y are presented in the article. The aluminides of these master alloys have the cubic lattice of L12 identical to a lattice of the aluminum alloy matrix. Forms of aluminide growth into the alloys of different compositions are given. The modifying ability of experimental ternary and commercial binary master alloys is estimated according to  the model Al–4% Cu alloy. The experiments were made with different weight (15 and 200 g) of alloys and with different speeds of cooling, respectively. The synergetic effects of two transitional metals in grain refinement of alloys are shown. Large distinction of modifying effects is also obtained.


 master alloys, transitional metals, primary aluminides, growth shapes, cubic lattice, refining  grain,  synergetic effect