Research of kintetic stability of solid electrolytes from systems Li8-2xMxZrO6 (M=Mg, Sr),Li8-xVxO6 in fusion of metal lithium

M.S. Schelkanova, M.I. Pantyukhina, P.Yu. Shevelin, E.A. Suslov

KEYWORDS: lithium-ion chemical power sources, solid electrolytes, molten lithium metal, kinetic stability to lithium.

ABSTRACT: Contact interaction of solid electrolytes based on the Li8ZrO6 material and the Li8-2xMxZrO6 (M=Mg,Sr), Li8-xZr1-xVxO6 solid solutions with the molten lithium metal was studied experimentally for the first time. In accordance with the performed experiments regarding the kinetic stability to molten lithium, the compositions of the Li8-2xMxZrO6 (M=Mg,Sr) and Li8-xZr1-xVxO6 were recommended for use as solid electrolytes in high- and middle temperature (573 K) LCPS.

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