Journal «Melts» №6, November – December 2015

S. Baidyshev, Yu. Ya. Gafner. The effect of gold concentration on the thermodynamic stability of Cu1– xAux   nanoalloy  3
L. Е. Bodrova, E. А. Pastukhov, E. Yu. Goida. The effect of mechanical activation on self-dispergation of carbide phases in Cu–W–Nb–C alloys 11
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V. P. Stepanov, N. K. Тkаchev, N. P. Кulik, K. G. Peshkina. Аdiabatic compressibility of the NaCl–AgI segregated molten  salt mixture 23
М. А. Коbelev. Molecular-dynamic modeling of the  transport properties for molten LiF–NaBr and LiF–KBr 34
P. А. Аrkhipov, А. S. Kholkina, I. V. Коrzun, I. D. Zakiryanova, А. V. Bausheva, А. О. Khudorozhkova.  Liquidus temperatures of  the CsCl–PbCl2–PbO ternary system 43
S. Peshkin, А. V. Маlygin, А. V. Zhdanov, Е. G. Dmitrieva. Temperature characteristics of the sintered products malaxation for low-temperature titano-magnetites 51
Ya. B. Chernov, Е. S. Filatov, I. D. Zakiryanova, K. R. Каrimov, B. D. Аntonov.   Interaction in the CaCl2–B2O3–СаО system  in the molten state
Е. V. Nikitina. Corrosional-electrochemical behavior of zirconium in molten alkali  metal carbonate 67
S. F. Каtyshev, N. V. Shirokova, L. М. Теsluk. Bulk properties of  melts of the LiCl–KF–ZrF4 system 71
S.V. Pershina, А. А. Raskovalov, B. D. Аntonov, О. G. Reznitskikh, Т. V. Yaroslavtseva. Enrichment of the phosphate glass by lithium due to ZrP2O7 crystallization from the Li2O-P2O5– ZrO2 melt 77
А. S. Zherdev, D. А. Vinogradov, Ya. А. Тretyakov, А. А. Ilyin, А. B. Кlyuchantsev. Studying the effect  of the casting mold water cooling   on the temperature field during  the ligature  ingots crystallization made of aluminum alloys