Journal «Melts» №6, November- December 2014

I.E.Ignatyev, L.E. Bodrova, E.A. Pastukhov. Getting the Al-W-composite by the low-frequency melt processing 3-7
I.E. Ignatyev, A.V. Dolmatov, E.A. Popova, L.E. Bodrova, E.V. Ignatyeva, E.A. Pastukhov. The dependence of amount of the lead inclusions in the Al-10 wt.% Pb melt on the temperature and duration of the baseband processing melt 8-11
A.A. Katayev, A.V. Rudenko, O.G. Reznitskikch, N.G. Molchanova, A.E. Dedyukhin, A.A. Redkin, O.Yu. Tkacheva, Yu.P. Zaikov. Thermal stability of KBF4 in fusible cryolite melts 12-17
S.Yu.Melchakov, L.F. Yamschikov, P.A. Pozdeev, M.V. Kormilitsin, A.G. Osiperiko. Praseodymium and neodymium activity in alloys with indium, bismuth and gallium-tin eutectic melt 18-27
A.B. Ivanov, V.A. Volkovich, P.Yu. Likhachev, E.N. Vladykin. Electrochemical properties of molybdenium in individual molten alkali chlorides and their mixtures 28-35
D.S. Maltsev, V.A. Volkovich, E.N. Vladykin, B.D.Vasin. Electrode potentials of silver in LiCl-4KCl-2CsCl eutectic melt 36-40
S.Yu. Melchakov, L.F. Yamschikov, A.G. Osipenko, M.A. Rusakov. Solubility of neodymium in liquid gallium, indium and metal compositions of their basis 41-49
E.V. Nikitina. Corrosion-electrochemical behaviour of steel 12Cr7 in alkali carbonate melt 50-57
V.A. Volkovich, A.B. Ivanov, S.M. Yakimov, B.D. Vasin, A.V. Chukin, A.K. Schtolts. Precipitation of rare earth elements phosphates from the melts based on NaCl-2CsCl eutectic mixture 58-69
 G.K. Shurdumov, S.Zh. Gonov, B.K. Shurdumov, A.M. Kalmukova. Synthesis of the leads molybdate in the system of K, Na, PbǁN O3, MoO42- 70-79
V.Ya. Kudyakov, V.I. Zhuk, S.M. Perin, V.B. Malkov, K.R. Karimov, E.V. Nikitina. Influence of the additives of NaCl, NaF, NaOH and the chemical nature of the gas atmosphere on the corrosion behaviour of the alloy X30Н45YUT in the eutectic melt Li2CO3-K2CO3 80-89
M.S. Schelkanova, M.I. Pantyukhina, P.Yu. Shevelin, E.A. Suslov. Research of kinetic stability of solid electrolytes from synthesis  Li8-2xMxZrO6 (M=Mg,Sr), Li8-xVxO6 in fusion of metal lithium 90-96


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