Journal «Melts» № 5, September – October 2014

L.T.Denisova. D.O. Krinitsyn, V.M. Denisov, S.A. Istomin. Wetting of noble metals by the Bi2O3-CaO 3-6
S.Yu.Melchakov, L.F. Yamschikov, A.G. Osipenko, P.A. Pozdeev, M.A. Rusakov. Solubility and excessive thermodynamic characteristics of Pr and Nd in the Ga-Sn eutectic alloy 7-12
A.B. Salyulev, A.M. Potapov, N.I. Moskalenko. Electrical conductivity of molten ZnCl2-Zrcl4 mixtures 13-20
S.M.Gadgiev, O.M. Shabanov, A.S. Gadgiev, A.M. Salikhova, S.S. Alieva, G.S. Efendieva. Highvoltage electrical conductivity and its postactivate relaxation in system NaHSO4-CsHSO4 21-29
V.L. Cherginets, T.P. Rebrova, V.A. Naumenko, T.V. Ponomarenko. Polythermal investigation of carbohalogenation process of BaBr2-KBr melt 30-36
V.E. Krotov, E.S. Filatov. Influence of the Zrcl4 in the (NaCl-KCl) TB-UO2Cl2-ZrCl4 melt and electrolysis current density on the quantiative composition of UO2-ZrO2 cathode deposits. Calculation and experiment 37-45
A.N. Efremov, Yu.R. Khalimullina, P.S. Pershin, P.A. Arkhipov, Yu.P. Zaikov. The influence of electrolyte composition on current density in the cell with liquid metal electrodes 46-53
Kh.B.Kushkhov, A.K. Abazova, M.K. Vindijeva, R.A. Mukojeva. Investigation of cerium and fluorine silicate ion electroreduction on tungsten electrdode and their compound synthesis in equimolar melt K, Na//Cl at 973 K 54-63
S.A.Lyamkin, N.S. Semenova. Gas phase pressure influence on the solid carbon anode oxidation speed 64-68
S.A. Istomin, A.A.Khokhryakov, A.V. Ivanov, V.P. Tchentsov, V.V. Ryabov The effect of lanthanide group rare earth oxides activated mechanically on viscosity of borate melts 69-77
G.B. Smirnov, A.A. Fokin, S.E. Markina, A.I. Vakhitov. Cathode sediment growth process optimiztion throughout the imitation modeling in electrolyzer-refiner of coaxial symmetry 78-83
E.V. Nikitina, N.A. Kazakovtseva. Dissipative structures and masstransfer during anodic anion activation in alkali carbonate melt 84-88


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