Journal «Melts» №4, July- August 2016

V. A. Isaev, O. V. Grishenkova, O. L. Semerikova, A. V. Kosov, Yu. P. Zaykov. Nucleation  and growth of metal nanocrystals during electrocrystallization in melts 279
N. M. Barbin, E. G. Viskova, O. V. Pashchenko. The thermodynamic  analysis of dissolution of oxide of lead in alkaline and carbonate fusion NaOH + (30 %)Na2CO3 286

O. E. Morgunovа, A. S. Ukhanov, E. A. Katasonova, A. S. Trunin, K. D. Surinskiy. Analysis of the quadruple  mutual  system Na+, K+//F, Br, NO3 with the application  of the innovative methodology

E. M. Zhilina, S. A. Krasikov, S. N. Agafonov. Calculation of the activity of titanium and zirconium in aluminum – calcium oxide melt 300
Ya. B. Chernov, E. S. Filatov, K. R. Karimov. Thermo diffusion boriding in melt based on potassium chloride containing boron oxide by applying reverse current 307
I. E. Ignatiev, A. V. Dolmatov, E. V. Ignatiev, E. A. Pastukhov. Revisiting the duration of cooling of aluminum lead melt after its low frequency processing in order to obtain homogenous ingot 316
V. S. Dolmatov, S. A. Kuznetsov. Electroreduction   of tantalum oxofluoride complexes in equimolar mixture of sodium and potassium chlorides 322
S. G. Kuptsov, A. V. Elantsev, E. A. Nikonenko, E. V. Nikitina. Choice of quenching temperature and its effect on structure and properties of the high strength aluminum alloy 01979 333
S. A. Krasikov, E. M. Zhilina, O. A. Pichkaleva, A. A. Ponomarenko, L. B. Vedmid, S. V. Zhidovinov, V. P. Chentsov. Effect of intermetallic composition on nature of interphase interactions at alumino thermic coreduction of titan, nickel, and molybdenum from oxides 345