The U/La and U/Nd separation coefficients in the Ga-In/3LiCl-2KCl molten system

V.V.  Smolenskiy, A.V. Novoselova, A.G. Osipenko, Ya.M. Lukyanova


uranium, lanthanum, neodymium, Ga-In alloy, 3LiCl-2KCl melt.


For the first time the apparent standard potentials of the alloys of uranium and lanthanoids (La,Nd) in the Ga-In/ 3LiCl-2KCl low-melting system in the temperature range from 723 to 823 K were measured by potentiometry technique at zero current . The separation coefficients of actinide and lanthanoids were calculated. The results obtained testify that processes for the U and rare-earth metals separation in chloride melts with the use of the liquid bimetallic electrodes based on gallium are perspective for reprocessing the spent nuclear fuel.

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