The attenuation mechanism of torsion vibrations of elastically suspended cylinder with liquid

V.P. Beskachko, O.A. Golovnya, A.E. Korenchenko


metallic melts, viscosimetry, torsion viscosimeter , numerical methods. 


The attenuation mechanism of torsion vibrations of the cylinder hanged on the elastic thread and filled with Newton liquid was investigated in relation to viscosimetry issues. The mathematical model of the process was formulated as a conjugated boundary problem related to simultaneous movement of hollow round cylinder and liquid content in it. The movement of the liquid is described by the full system of balance impulse equations with one and only assumption of cylindric symmetry of the flow. The claimed issue is solved by the numerical grid-based approach. The analysis of the liquid movement in the cylinder of finite length indicates the important role of torsion effects in the attenuation processes of the excess moment of impulse, reserved in the system at the oscillation start. A consideration of these effects points out to significant dependence of oscillations time response on the way of its excitation. The impact of these processes on the experimental practice was discussed.

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