Relaxation processes in the Al-Ni-(La/Y/Ce) liquid alloys

A.L. Beltyukov, S.G. Menshikova, M.G. Vasin, V.I. Ladyanov, A.Yu. Korepanov


melt, viscosity, non-equilibrium and equilibrium state of the melt, relaxation.


Temperature and time dependences for viscosity of the Al87Ni8Y5, Al86Ni8La6, Al86Ni8Ce6 liquid alloys and the Al-Ni and Al-Y molten binary systems with the aluminum content as high as 90 at.% were studied. Non-monotonic relaxation processes in the Al-Y, Al-Ni-(La/Y/Ce) alloys after the crystal-liquid transfer, determined by the destruction of non-equilibrium condition were found. It was revealed that the non-equilibrium condition is inherited from the original heterogenic solid alloy. The mechanism of such processes was suggested.

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