Growth of single silver crystals in excess bulk electrolyte during their electrodeposition from melt

Grishenkova O.V., Semerikova O.L., Isaev V.A.


electrocrystallization, nitrate melt, silver nanocrystal, coefficient of silver ions diffusion in the melt


The regularities of silver crystal initial growth stages in the region of nano- and microsizes were studied during their electrodeposition from the melt in the excess bulk electrolyte (AgNO3-KNO3-NaNO3). The model of the electrocrystallization process was proposed. The experimental and theoretical dependences of overpotential (oversaturation) and crystals sizes on time were obtained. The basic parameters of electrodeposition including double electric layer capacity, equilibrium concentration of adatoms at the electrode and diffusion coefficients of deposited ions in the melt under investigation were found.

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