Formation of the nanocrystaline tetragonal oxide tungsten bronzes on platinum

A.V. Kosov, O. L. Semerikova, S. V. Vakarin, A. A. Pankratov, C. V. Plaksin, Yu. P. Zaykov


Electrochemical formation of tetragonal oxide tungsten bronze (OTB) KxNayWO3 on Pt(110) from the melt K2WO4–Na2WO4–WO3 has been studied by cyclic voltammetry. Potential areas for formation of deposits with different composition and morphology have been determined. The cyclic voltammetry demonstrated that the KxNa(0.66 – x)WO3 formation process proceeds through the nucleation and growth mechanism. Cathode processes equations have been written on  the base of proposed common schema.


 electrolysis of melts, oxide tungsten bronze, tetragonal structure, nanocrystals, nanofilms, cyclic voltammetry