Fluxes for producing the aluminum–boron alloys

O.Yu. Tkacheva, A. A. Kataev, A. A. Redkin, A. V. Rudenko, A. E. Dedyukhin, Yu. P. Zaikov


Physical-chemical properties (liquidus temperature, density, alumina solubility) in the KF – AlF3 melts with [KF]/[AlF3] = 1.3 containing the KBF4 and B2O3 additives have been studied. Compositions of molten salts with the effective protecting and refining functions, low density, which can be successfully used as fluxes during metalothermal production of Al–B alloys, have been determined.


 potassium cryolite, boron oxide, potassium tetraflouroborate, liquidus temperature, density, alumina solubility, fluxes