Electronic spectra of Ce(III) and Pr(III) ions in molten alcali fluorides

A. A. Khokhryakov, A. O. Vershinin, A. S. Payvin, A. A. Lizin, A. G. Osipenko


This article is devoted to the spectral research of Ce(III) and Pr(III) ions in molten alkali fluorides. Using spectral data a coordination conditions of Ce(III) and Pr(III) ions were estimated. It is proved that f d transition split parameters of Ce(III) ions and hypersensitive 3H4 →3P2 transition band shift of Pr(III) ion depend on the second coordination sphere compound of (Ln = Ce, Pr) complex groups.


fluoride melts, electron spectroscopy, cerium ion, praseodymium ion, electronic spectra, REE ions