Electrical conductivity of sodium-borate melts, containing mechanically activated additions of REE oxides

S.A. Istomin, A.A. Kokhryakov, V.V.Ryabov, A.V. Ivanov, A.S. Payvin


melt, boron oxide, sodium oxide, REM oxides, electrical conductivity, temperature, mechanical activation, melts structure


The electrical conductivity values for sodium-borate melts, containing 1 wt% of mechanically activated REE oxides of the lanthanide group in the temperature range of 950-1650K were determined by means of AC bridge technique. The dependences of the electrical conductivity values on composition and temperature were established. The logarithmic dependences of electrical conductivity were proved to have the high- and low-temperature sections with different activation energies of electrical conductivity. The melts structure was shown to change in dependence on composition and temperature.


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