The effect of lanthanide group rare earth oxides activated mechanically on viscosity of borate melts

S.A. Istomin, A.A. Khokhryakov, V.V. Ryabov, A.V. Ivanov, A.S. Pajvin

Keywords: melt, boron oxide, REO oxides, mechanoactivation, viscosity, structure.

 Abstract: The viscosity values of borate melts containing 1 wt% of REO from lanthanide group in the temperature range of 1100-1700 K were measured with the use of vibrational viscosiometer. The activation energy of viscous flow was calculated. A stagger viscosity dependence at increasing the  atomic number of the lanthanide in the range of studied melts , is subjected to in-row periodicity (tetrad effect). The deviations from tetrad effect is caused by  a formation of two-valent rare-earth ions in the melt.

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